Covid-19 Vaccine Day at Seacroft Grange Care Village

Saturday 9th January 2021 was a momentous day at Seacroft Grange Care Village as we were visited by the local GP’s surgery to administer the Covid-19 vaccine to both residents and staff. 

Home Manager, Victoria Towse, said “I’ve never been prouder to be the manager of a home. What a team I have supporting the residents during this very trying time that we find ourselves in.  I cannot thank everyone enough for their help in ensuring our residents remain safe and that they received their vaccination. What a team. Thank you once again to everyone who was involved.”

Thank you to the healthcare professionals who safely delivered the vaccine to our residents and to our scientific colleagues who developed and produced the vaccine. We would also like to send a massive thank you to the team at Seacroft Grange who helped organise this day and supported our residents, you were all absolutely amazing!