Niche Visit

Lively discussions abound in Seacroft Grange Care Village, Leeds this week as the topics “quality of care and technology” and “innovative care environments” were on the agenda when NICHE-Leeds visited together with research colleagues from the University of Maastricht. The chosen discussion topics were ones which research staff, care staff and relatives all felt passionately about, and although led by academic researchers the discussions were filled with day to day examples of quality care, innovation and passion for the wellbeing of residents from Seacroft Grange staff.

Nurturing Innovation in Care Home Excellence in Leeds (NICHE-Leeds) is a partnership between care homes and academia. The partnership brings the leadership, expertise, and interdisciplinary working needed to deliver efficient, effective and sustainable improvements in care homes. This is based on a model used in the Netherlands, which has a 20-year track record of success and impact.