Research Blog #1 Meet the Research Team

Springfield Healthcare are committed to contributing to important and ground-breaking research and we have our very own research team, who are supported by expert researchers from Leeds Beckett University and NICHE-Leeds. Charde Billany, Research Co-ordinator at Springfield Care Villages has been working closely with Reena Devi, NICHE-Leeds Researcher and Alys Griffiths, dementia care researcher at Leeds Beckett University on various research studies that we can’t wait to share with you!

For our first research blog, we thought it would be nice to introduce the team to you.

Charde Billany:

“My name is Charde Billany and I am Admissions and Assessments Manager (Seacroft Grange Care Village & Seacroft Green Care Centre) and the Research Co-ordinator at Springfield Care Villages. I have a background in medical research and I am so lucky to be lead at Springfield Healthcare to co-ordinate research studies to better the wellbeing of those in our care. I am looking forward to working with this research team and excited to see what we can achieve.”


Cyd Akrill M.B.E.:

“As Chief Nursing Officer at Springfield Healthcare and board member of NICHE-Leeds, I have been actively involved with supporting the research team with all ongoing research studies. I am extremely proud of the team who are wholly committed to furthering the understanding of how to improve the delivery of care, and research based evidence to support practice in care and nursing homes in the UK.”


Reena Devi:

“My name is Reena and I work as a NICHE-Leeds link researcher for Springfield Healthcare. I am interested in hearing about what matters to you when working in care homes, and where you feel things might be done differently to help enhance working life in care homes. I have lived in Leeds for 2 years and very much enjoying Yorkshire! I love cycling, and when it’s not a pandemic I love hosting dinners at home!”


Alys Griffiths:

“Hi, I’m Alys, I’m a dementia care researcher working at Leeds Beckett University and as part of NICHE Leeds. I’m particularly interested in how we involve people with dementia in research and how we can use research to improve care practice. Outside of research, I am usually found running, playing with a dog, or eating chocolate.”


We have lots going on from our ZOOM workshops with NICHE-Leeds to updates on the CONDOR study and the opportunity for us to get involved with some research around Flu vaccinations. We are all very excited to share all things research with you over the next few months.