Springfield Healthcare’s Mental Health First Aid Boxes

In 2021, Springfield Healthcare continue to put mental health as much a priority as physical health. Our new initiative promotes positive mental health coping mechanisms and strategies amongst care staff, whilst striving to normalise talking about mental health.


Our Mental Health First Aid Kits have been designed to provide our Mental Health First Aiders with additional ways to support those that may be struggling and to provide our staff with resources to use when they may be feeling low. We have created these kits for each of our Springfield homes to support anyone who may be struggling with their mental health. The contents of these kits have been carefully thought out, whilst considering all potential scenarios.


We have also created some Mental Health Know How booklets which have been designed to provide proactive and reactive strategies to assist in maintaining good mental health. We have all, at some stage, experienced poor mental health and the people that have contributed to the booklet have used some of these strategies to great success. ‘Springfield Healthcare’s mental health initiative is aimed at ‘normalising’ mental health’ … and this is only the beginning. 


Ellie Billany, Head of Learning & Development and Mental Health First Aider at Springfield Care Villages, said “Mental health is as important as Physical health, with 1 in 4 people in England needing support of some kind each year. Our new initiative aims to spread awareness and to ensure that staff feel able to speak to us, to learn about many different coping mechanisms and to use a range of resources if needed.”