Springfield Healthcare Research Team Update

The Springfield Healthcare Research team have been working hard to assist in many different research programmes which we believe will benefit the people in our care, the wider communities, national, and international level.  We recently featured on the BBC news as part of the Covid-19 National Diagnostic Research and Evaluation Programme, or Condor as it is known, to look into the use of new technologies in the fight against coronavirus.  The Condor trial in Seacroft Grange Care Village was very successful and we were only one of three homes in the country to take part in the trial.  The equipment has been recommended to SAGE and the government for use in care homes as part of testing long term. 

Seacroft Green Care Centre is one of two homes selected to pilot the £1.6M CONTACT trial, funded by the National Institute of Health Research.  Digital devices will be worn by colleagues, residents, and visitors.  Next week everyone connected with Seacroft Green Care Centre will receive further information and requests for consent to be included in the trial.  The trial looks at many things around contact, the number of contacts, and length of contact time.  These contacts are subsequently studied especially if there is an outbreak.  We hope that by improving contact tracing in care homes, we will reduce COVID-19 infections.  This in turn will inform IPC measures, support homes opening up to family visitors, and potentially not be so restrictive during an outbreak if there is no need.

We are very proud to participate in this ground-breaking research and feasibility trial.  Families being with loved ones is just human nature and while the sector has been working hard to facilitate contact and provide activities for care home residents, there is no substitute for real contact with families.  Hopefully, this research will help clear the way for more of this in the near future.”