Staff Wellbeing and Mental Health Support at MySpringfield

Every day at Springfield Healthcare, we focus on caring for and supporting our residents and with the current challenges that we face with Coronavirus (COVID-19) it is now incredibly important that our employees prioritise their own mental health and wellbeing, recognising that it is more difficult to provide outstanding care for others if you are not adequately caring for yourself. The safety of our staff is of utmost importance and we have sufficient supplies of PPE to ensure that they are well equipped and we continue to do everything that we can to support our staff. We’ve made available a multitude of support and resources for all our staff to access, from details of our fully trained in-house mental health first aiders and raising awareness of mental health through to developing a culture of self-care predominantly using our MySpringfield employee app.


The team at Seacroft Grange have been incredible during this incredibly tough time, and we have been working on some new initiatives to support our current wellbeing and mental health. Our MySpringfield App has been a great way for us to share tips on how to look after our mental health, our self-care top tips and contact details for our many mental health first aiders. It also provides a platform for our staff to communicate with others in the group, to share their own wellbeing tips and stories.


Our ‘Take as You Needcampaign encourages sharing throughout the home. Staff are encouraged to bring anything that they have in surplus, to share with those who may be struggling. “Take as you need– no questions asked”  demonstrates our culture of looking after one another despite everything happening around us. We have also started a weekly raffle on each community, for both residents and staff to get involved. This campaign is called ‘Fundraising Smiles’ campaign with a raffle ticket costing one smile to encourage and share positivity and happiness throughout the home.


Springfield Healthcare employs over 1300 staff, and it is our absolute priority to ensure that our workforce are healthy and cared for in order to continue to provide the high quality care to our service users that we are known for, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic. In recognition of our own key workers and all the staff working on the frontline, we are clapping at 8pm every Thursday to show our appreciation – you are all amazing.  Thank you.