The CONDOR Project

Seacroft Grange have pulled together a team of professionals to conduct research for the CONDOR project. CONDOR is “accelerating how quickly promising COVID-19 diagnostics make it into real-world use,” evaluating new COVID-19 diagnostics in settings that they will ultimately be used in, such as care homes, hospitals, GP Surgeries etc.. Such tests will be used to support diagnosis and management of individuals with suspected COVID-19, to gather data that will ultimately help to develop effective diagnostic pathways.


Adam Gordon, Professor of Care of Older People at the University of Nottingham and Care Home Lead for the CONDOR project, said “The technologies that we’re testing as part of CONDOR have never been used in care homes before.  If successful they could give us results of COVID tests within just over an hour. This could help make care homes much safer during the pandemic and allow us to take important steps to improve residents’ quality of life, such as opening up visiting more widely.  We are extremely grateful to the team at Springfield Healthcare for helping us with this important and pioneering work.”


Springfield Healthcares Chief Nursing Officer, Cyd Akrill said “we are very proud to have taken part in this research which will benefit so many people in the care sector and ultimately aims to improve residents’ wellbeing through increased possibilities for visiting and activities in the homes. We are grateful to have had the resources available to us to do so; thank you to the team that have worked so hard with this project.”


Springfield Healthcare would also like to thank Dr Paterson, Retired Consultant Physician, for supporting Seacroft Grange with this testing and for all his contributions to Mayfield View during the last few months. Cyd Akrill added “Dr Paterson has been so supportive during the last few months and his knowledge and expertise has been greatly appreciated. He has now joined us on the CONDOR project which we have been thrilled about.”