Visiting Your Loved Ones

Springfield Healthcare with guidance from our care home managers, our Head of Kindness Care and Quality, Angela Randle, and our Chief Nursing Officer, Cyd Akrill, have been reviewing the next steps with regards to visiting loved ones.  We are mindful of the potential impact on mental health for some of our residents, and as such, have facilitated garden visits for a few people in our care homes.  These visits have been greatly appreciated by relatives, residents, and colleagues, and are working hard to increase this contact for everyone where possible.  Our homes continue to shield the most vulnerable people and the advice remains unchanged; the people in our care must remain protected.  We anticipate that this may change in the coming days/weeks, and preparations are taking place to allow visits to happen.  Visual flowcharts of the different types of visits we will be facilitating and the expected dates we can commence the next phase will be available shortly.

Due to the potentially large number of people wishing to visit and time restraints, we can only permit one visit per resident until every resident has been able to see their visitor.  Once complete, we will then look to arrange second visits.  All visits will be accommodated on an appointment-based system, with one nominated person to be allocated for all visits.  However, we may be able to relax the one nominated person restriction to the garden visits and will be in a position to update on this in the coming weeks.  During all visits, we will continue to observe social distancing and strict infection prevention and control measures and risk assessments will be undertaken.  The residents who do not have a visit will remain the priority for video calls.

We ask for your cooperation, patience and understanding whilst we get everything in place; these visits will take time to plan and arrange as we need to ensure the safety of all is considered before commencing.